All Nations Community Church
It's Bigger Than Me
It’s not enough to just show up at church. Our hearts long for more than that. We want to be needed. We want to be known. We want to have purpose and know that we make a difference. It's so important to the health of the Church that we are people who are plugged into God and community.
Locations & Times
  • All Nations Community Church
    18620 Kedzie Ave, Homewood, IL 60430, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
Big Idea of the Message: Getting plugged in is bigger than you! God’s calling has more to do with God’s purposes than our pleasure.

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still."
~Chinese Proverb
Backdrop: God called Moses to this work after the personal encounter with God (burning bush). God knows Moses’ deficiencies…

Important notes:
· God calls Moses after a failed attempt to fulfill his calling.
· It was an extraordinary call on an ordinary day! (Take the limits off—don’t limit your understanding of how God shows up: A word, a friend, a dream, etc.)
· God’s call doesn’t guarantee immediate success!

Exodus 6:28-30
· "Day of the Lord" -- a span of time during which God personally intervenes in history, directly or indirectly, to accomplish some specific aspect of His plan.
· On this day (or appointed time), God encourages Moses through the reiteration of the call.
· However, Moses reiterates his inadequacy (“uncircumcised lips,” odd phrase?)

NOTE: Circumcision was a sign of God’s ownership and promises. When Moses says that his lips are not circumcised, he is saying that when he speaks there is no sign of God.”

· Therefore, Moses' statement seemed to indicate that an area of his life is devoid of God's presence!
God's response to our inadequacies…

God assures elevation, v. 1.
o At this juncture, what Moses has experienced and seen so far didn't match what God has said!
o How do you handle the moments of little to no progress?
o Moses hears God, again!
o The word to Moses is a message of the elevation in the face of apparent failure and further difficulty!

God gives instructions, vv. 2-4.
o Remember: there was a prior encounter with God. Now, there is another encounter!
o God previously commanded Moses to speak to Pharaoh. After the first disappointing experience, Moses hesitated in obedience.
o God reminds Moses that the task hasn’t changed…
o God reiterates to Moses that the task will be difficult, Pharaoh’s heart will be hardened...
o God gives assurance that the task will be completed

God reveals the big picture, vv. 5-7.
o Know in the Hebrew means to know by seeing or acknowledge!
o In other words, what God promises and accomplishes in our lives would be a clear indication to others that God has His hands on us!
Next steps:
· Don't allow potential to distract
· Don't major on minor deficiencies
· Do the work (God will do His).
Talk it over:
1. What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?
2. According to this passage, what can affect your obedience to God's word (either audibly or scripturally)?
3. What are your biggest hesitations about trusting God's call to get plugged in?