Shut Out The Noise part 2
Locations & Times
  • Direction Church
    7039 Grand National Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA
    dimanche 10:30 AM
  • Direction Church Online
    dimanche 10:30 AM
2. Find people who walk in obedience to the Lord
3. Find ones that will ALWAYS speak right about you because they took the time to really get to know you personally.
No one should be quick to call someone a friend before they have spent much quality time with them and know them personally.
4. Pick people you can share your heart with
If someone cannot understand your heart or believe in your vision it will be difficult for them to be in your inner circle without disappointment and being moved back out.
6. They listen through hard things
7. They stick by during trials
You can only build with those who are faithful to you during difficult times and not only when things are going well.