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Is It Intolerant To Say That Jesus Is The Only Way?
Room for Doubt Part Five “Is It Intolerant To Say That Jesus Is The Only Way?” Text: Selected Scriptures
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If you have a big enough “why” you’ll figure out “how.”
The idea behind the bumper sticker is that when it comes the spiritual issues and ideologies of life, people just need to make a commitment to coexist (the definition of coexist is to live together peaceably – even if your rivals or adversaries).
Tolerance, by definition, means a willingness to get along. You could even say that a simple definition of tolerance would be choosing to agree to disagree (the inference is to do this peacefully).
1. All religions are basically the same.
Now, to be clear, there are some points of agreement among the different world religions.
The uniqueness of Christianity is rooted in the uniqueness of Jesus.
-Someone once noted that other religious leaders say: “Follow me and I’ll show you how to find truth.” But Jesus says, “I am the truth.”
-Other religious leaders say, “Follow me and I’ll show you the way to salvation.” But Jesus says, “I am the way to eternal life.”
-Other religious leaders say, “Follow me and I’ll show you how to become enlightened.” But Jesus says, “I am the light of the world.”
-Other religious leaders say, “Follow me and I’ll show you the door that leads to God.” But Jesus says, “I am the door.”
-Then, Jesus adds, “So follow me.”
Here’s a simple way to draw a distinction between Christianity and other world religions: All other major world religions are based on people DOING something (struggling and striving) to earn the favor of God.
Other religions are spelled “D-O,” because they teach that people have to DO a bunch of things to try and please God. Christianity is spelled “D-O-N-E” because Jesus has DONE on the cross, everything we need to give us a right relationship with God.
2. Christianity is just one philosophy among many, but no more valid than any other.
Tolerance (real tolerance) is something that Christians are taught to value. 2 Timothy 2:24 says, A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be kind to everyone… (NLT) 2 Timothy 2:25, Gently instruct those who oppose the truth. Perhaps God will change those people’s hearts, and they will learn the truth. (NLT)
What we really value (or should value) in our country is the opportunity for truth and falsehood to grapple in unhindered debate so that, in the end, truth will prevail.
3. Christians are narrow-minded when they say that Jesus is the only way to God.
Someone must pay the price for our sin. Either we do it ourselves or we have a someone who will take our place and do it for us. And Jesus, by virtue of who he was as the Son of God, was not just qualified, but willing to take our place and pay for our sin.
1. Commit to a sincere and systematic search for the truth.
2. Join a Spiritual Discovery Group.
3. Decide today to surrender your life to Christ.