Nashwaaksis Baptist Church
Discerning Next Steps
This week Pastor Chris takes a closer look at what it means to discern God's steps and how we, the church play a part of God's redemptive story.
Locations & Times
  • Nashwaaksis Baptist Church
    104 Edgewood Dr, Fredericton, NB E3A 1T3, Canada
    Sunday 10:30 AM

Rebuilding is important for everyone
Will Mancini – Danger of “Jesus and me vs. Jesus and we.”
Character Attack
Discernment comes from communion with God's Spirit.
Discernment - "Ponder them in my mind", "think it over"
Discernment is corporate and personal.
Free will - we have a choice

Evil is in the world.
The secret of life is one thing.

Keep Christ the main thing.
Am I doing all I can to help build the Church?

Church is big "C", not small "c"
The church doesn’t have an agenda, it is the agenda. The church doesn’t have a missional strategy, it is the missional strategy. Alan Hirsch