Greenbelt Church
In the Room: The Problem of Science
Week 2
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  • Greenbelt Church
    839 Shefford Rd, Gloucester, ON K1J 9K8, Canada
    Sunday 9:15 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
A hypothesis has started to emerge: With enough advancement in science, we shall have enough information about the world to understand it fully, and thus finally eliminate the need for a god.

It is unwise if the church tries to act as if the advancements of science do not challenge the positions that it has staked out for so long.

Making a case for God and our faith by assigning it to the things that Science cannot currently explain in the natural world is erroneous.
God is not physical. He is metaphysical. God is not natural. He is supernatural. God is not found in the crevices that science cannot explain. He stands above and apart from it.

God’s love, grace and mercy is scandalous. It is transformative. It cannot be stopped. It is history changing. It is outside the purview of science.

Science and Salvation are two different things.

Science becomes an elephant in the room when you make your faith about empirical evidence. Science become an elephant in the room when you reduce God to a set of quantifiable, measurable attributes. Science becomes an elephant in the room when you demand that God, who cannot be ordered around, or put in a bottle, bend his nature to your whims to satisfy your casual curiosity.