Action Church
Locations & Times
  • Action Church Pascagoula
    4007 Pascagoula St, Pascagoula, MS 39567, USA
    domingo 8:00 AM
    domingo 8:00 AM
The Action Vision: Love God, Love People, Take Action!
The Action Plan:

1.We will focus on Jesus.
It’s about: Focused priority and excellence

2.We will not be religious.
It’s about: Jesus. Not religion.

3.We will relate not isolate.
It’s about: acceptance and engagement

4.We will honor one another to glorify God.
It’s about: Valuing people

5.We are contributors, not consumers.
It’s about: Taking Action. Getting involved

6.We think outside the box.
It’s about: Changing the methods with an unchanged message

7.We will do more by doing less.
It’s about: Focused excellence

8.We don’t maintain, we multiply.
It’s about: Continual growth

9.We eat the fish and spit out the bones.
It’s about: Teachable attitudes

10.We are united, not divided.
It’s about: not being easily offended and valuing our diversities

11.We will work.
It’s about: Being the Church, not going to church.

12.We will not take this for granted.
It’s about: Expressing gratitude

Entropy (def): A gradual decline into disorder.
1. Keep a close watch on my spiritual temperature.
2. Make time for authentic relationships with other believers.
3. See myself the way God sees me.
4. Live for heaven, not earth.

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