Central Assembly
1 Corinthians & 21st Century Living - Sexual Purity
Pastor Jim Bradford | September 22, 2019
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  • Central Assembly
    1301 N Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65802, USA
    domingo 10:30 AM

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God has an eternal plan for our bodies.
So how do we respond?

* Flee immorality
Flee immorality . . .

* Don't mistake temptation for permission

* Stay away from pornography

* Set boundaries

* Monitor your spiritual and emotional health
Dedicate your body to God's glory.
Rachel Gilson, Cru Theological Development and Culture Team . . .
“. . . we must consider that each desire presses us not only toward its obvious end but also reveals that God alone is the true end of every longing. So yes, our desires are often thwarted, but that fact doesn’t doom us. Instead, even our unfulfilled yearnings can lead us toward the beauty and fulfillment found in God himself. He is the one who made us desiring creatures, because he, too, experiences desire. We are like him, and all our desires are ultimately pictures of what God-in-Christ longs to fulfill for us. In the end, sex is a gift, but it’s not the point. As Christians, we can mourn its loss or celebrate its presence. But when it moves to the center of our vision, either through indulgence or repression, we end up pursuing “Christian” goals through unChristian tactics. Jesus must be our vision, our great yes that balms the smaller no’s. Until he is enough, no other yes or no will be sufficient.”