Week 3 of 5 in a series about a Paradigm Shift!
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Welcome to Week 3 of a series we are diving into called SHIFT.

There are many Paradigms in our lives that as time goes on have to shift. As we dive over the next 5 weeks into this, we are going to discuss the paradigm shift with the Gospel, Church, Discipleship, Family, and lastly Stewardship.

I see an interesting trend right now though… most want to fit God’s word into their lives rather than fit our lives into God’s word.
Paradigm is defined as a typical example or pattern of something; a model.
So over the last few weeks we have discussed the paradigm shifts that God has been bringing FWC through.

--We have to let go of what we think we know in order to learn what we need to know.
--It’s hard to let go of the “Me” Portion of the gospel
--You can only go so far in first gear

--We gather for a purpose and its not only about us
--We get to worship Him
--We get to take others with us

These thing mays seem elementary in nature, but in order to go where God is taking us, we have to leave where God has brought us to.
--I didn’t say forget… simply move forward.
We all have different backgrounds and walks but we are all called by the same savior and creator. This means that our methods may have to change, but the message stays the same.
Big Idea: For our walk with Christ to continue, a SHIFT isn’t just necessary, it’s required.
This Week's Points:
1) You don't have to be a part of a big group to make some big growth.

Sometimes our human nature tends to make us think that we have to be a part of the big group or the big church because it is the one that is significant… I mean, “look at all those people…it must be God.”
--That is human thinking
--That is why about 150 churches close every weekend.
--I’m not entertained enough at my church, so I am going to watch Steven
Furtick online!
----I have no issues with you watching Steven Furtick. Delivers a great
message. Hits home on a lot of points.

The small church dies because the very ones who should be helping run the small church are ignoring it because it hasn’t met the criteria desired to be worth their energy.

It’s not about being a part of the big group, it’s bout being a part of the big picture… the Kingdom sized picture.

2) The Wrong Method = Madness
Discipleship in the classroom setting is not a bad thing, but these men that Jesus taught lived life with him.

-I know that we can easily quip at that saying that, I have a job… it’s not possible to give everything up and do this.
-I totally understand what you are saying. It’s not the process as much as the position.
---There is a level of intimacy that can only come from doing life together. (iron sharpens iron)
---There is also a level of accountability. (not a popular word)
(Iron sharpens iron)
---Some things are learned by seeing others in the storm and not just hearing their story. (iron sharpening iron)
---Some things are learned by having others around us while we are in the storm. (iron sharpening iron)

3) We have a choice to make…Guilt or Grace?
-For far too long, the church has done whatever is possible to get people to be a part to the point that they have used guilt and shame as a very powerful tool to move the masses.

-True repentance comes from the understanding that
“we love him because He loved us first.” 1Jn 4:19
“it’s his kindness that leads us to repentance” Ro 2:4

-Now let me better define grace for us.
---Mercy is not getting what you deserve.
---Grace is getting more than you deserve.
-We all need to recognize that this is the power of God at work.
---We all deserve death, but in his mercy, that price was paid.
---We receive his grace because we not only get life, but we get it more abundantly because of what Jesus has done!
-What task has he given us?
---The task of reconciling people to HIM.
---John 12:32, lift up the name of Jesus and he will draw all unto him.

-How do we get people there?
---It’s gonna happen in a smaller groups, doing life together, in a graceful environment!
---Not serene pleasant, but more like “go and sin no more”

-Why are we doing this?
---To reconcile people to the King!

-What is this process called?

-We do everything we can to make sure that there is an opportunity for God to move in someones life week in and week out.
---The last thing we are doing is putting on a show for the church. It is simply our hearts to honor the King with our very best efforts.

What does a decent flow of Discipleship look like?
Here is our desire at FWC.
1) Experience God
-----Have a genuine encounter with the king
2) Grow in Knowledge
-----Now we know there is something/one that is greater
3) Grow in Understanding
-----What does the word say and how do I apply it
4) Practice what you have learned
-----Let’s do this
-----(Amateurs learn by trial and error, professionals get coached)
50 Use your newfound Wisdom
-----Let’s take someone else on the journey.

Why go through all this trouble?
--For all to know the power the raised Jesus from the dead.

-Do you realize this actually outlines our mission statement.

How are we going to do this?
--Great Sundays, and meaningful groups to do life with, meaningful outreach.
--This is where Iron sharpens iron.
-----Recognize that it can be a somewhat abrasive process, but it will keep you sharp!

Big Idea: For our walk with Christ to continue, a SHIFT isn’t just necessary, it's required.
I just gave my life to Jesus... now what?
What an incredible choice you have made! We want you to know that heaven rejoices in your choice!

We want you to know that first and foremost, even though this is your individual journey...you were never meant to do it alone! We would love to take a little bit of time and get some information from you, just so we can start this journey with you! You may fill out the card in the seatback in front of you labeled "I have decided" (it's the white one) and then simply make your way torwards the platform to give it to someone or head back to the Connection Center.

What a profound choice you have made because of the eternal implications! We are honored to get to play a part in that journey!


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