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Are You Managing? (2)
Sermon Guide for September 8th, 2019
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Are you managing? Pt II
Getting back to stewardship
Luke 12:13-21
Using a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being as good as you can imagine life ever being and 1 being as bad as you can imagine life being – rate how you are “managing” in life? How’s is life going for you right now?

Right now do you think you function more like an owner or manager of your life and the things in it?

Genesis 3 is the story of mankind rejecting God as “owner” of their lives and our insistence on trying to live like we are the owners. As soon as Adam and Eve sinned everything changed. The story describes in very clear ways the impact assuming ownership has on a human soul that was made to be a steward.

The impact described there was fear, shame and a sense of insufficiency.
How do you see those same things playing out in your life and around you?

Is it helpful to think of your soul’s design and capacity being only for stewardship and not for ownership?

What are some things you know that, if they were used outside of their intended purpose, would not function well or would break down?

Read & Reflect:
Sometimes it is hard for us to admit to ourselves the real condition of our hearts. In order to get a real picture of what is going on inside of us it can be very helpful to simply look at what we do or how we are living life.

If you suddenly had more than enough to live securely for years to come, how do you think that would impact your confidence in God?

Are there things or aspects of your life that you are like this farmer and have in abundance? Time? Talent? More room in your home than you need? An extra car? A talent?

How are you managing that thing right now? Do you or have you ever asked God how He wants you to use that? If not, ask yourself why you haven’t?

Do you believe you are capable of finding “the good life” even if God didn’t help you out?

If you do, where do you think it is found?
What do you think and feel when you hear Jesus saying “…for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist in his possessions” ?

What do you understand Jesus to be telling you in that statement?

Sometimes abundance causes us to act like the farmer in the parable but sometimes a sense of need or pain can do the same thing and we assume responsibility for the welfare of our soul.

If someone were to ask what is the condition of your soul would the answer be the same as the condition of your life? Why or why not?

Do you think it is easier to trust God with the condition of your soul or the affairs of your life?

When you assume responsibility for the affairs of your life and act as if you are an owner, you are assuming responsibility for the welfare of your soul. It is our soul that longs for peace, joy, hope, love, contentment etc… We have a tendency to think we can manage our lives in such a way as to bring these kinds of things about in our soul. But peace, joy, hope, love and contentment cannot be found in the affairs of our life – what we do, what we possess, the power we have, our health etc… Our souls are designed by God for God. Because of that He is the only one capable of bringing about true good in our soul. That happens when we put ourselves in submission to Him and actively trust Him to teach us how to live life and manage the resources and possessions He has entrusted to our care. That is how we return to stewardship.

Practicing Stewardship
Take time to identify one thing you own, one talent, ability or resource you have and write it below. Each day this week take time to ask God how He would want you to use it – whatever it is. Ask one other person to pray for you to be able to clearly hear and understand what God’s response to you is. Ask them to follow up with you this coming Friday or Saturday to see how it has gone.

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