Northwood Church
The 109: The Fire
Rodney Richard // Lead Pastor
Locations & Times
  • Carnes Crossroads
    2nd Ave, Summerville, SC 29483, USA
    Sonntag 9:00 AM, Sonntag 11:00 AM
Acts of the Apostles 2:1-4 NLT

All - each of them - everyone!
– All 120 of them.
– 11 Disciples + 109 Believers
– You are the 109!

They got into one accord.
– Agreement, Conformity, Compact & Treaty

They gathered.
– Unified, Expectantly, Obediently, As Disciples, to Encounter God.

They all became Spirit empowered to the Jesus level.
– The power to reverse metamorphosis. We’ve been freed to free.

1. God’s Fire is bright enough for guidance and strong enough for protection.
2. God's fire is too hot to play with.
3. God's fire can’t be hidden.
They interacted with the fire and the fire didn’t kill them!

God approved of Jesus' sacrifice for them.

God partnered with their ordinary and did the extraordinary.

Jesus’ sacrifice was and still is good enough for you.

Offer God your ordinary and He will use you to do the extraordinary!