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I'm Ok... Week #3 - Anger
Have you caught yourself saying ”I’m OK”, only you didn’t believe yourself? Whether it was caused by stress, anxiety, anger, fear, or envy, we all eventually come to the realization that everything’s not OK. Join us as we look at the words of Jesus addressing these powerful emotions & situations.
Locations & Times
  • YCCWest - Technology Conversation
    1981 Landings Dr, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
    Wednesday 3:00 PM
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Frustration vs. Anger
I'm just responding to something wrong out there, but I'm not the source of the anger.
"Those closest to us experience the overflow of our hearts everyday. When our emotions take control, things get out of control."
- Andy Stanley
Recap Week #2
We won’t win chasing the wind of envy.
The source of the struggles & fighting is inside of you.
There is something that we want that we aren’t getting.
I’m not getting what I want.

We respond the same way
...but I earned it - you want what you earned...
...but they promised - you want what they promised...
...but they were unjust - you want what is just & fair...

You know what part of the problem is?
I’m not getting what I want.
Discussion Questions
#1 Describe your relationship with anger.
#2 Do you shout out or shut down?
#3 What/who are your triggers?
#4 Are you ready to acknowledge that part of the problem is - you’re not getting what you want?

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