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Reply All Part 1
In the first installment of the Reply All series, Pastor Joel teaches on our church’s most asked questions. From dealing with difficult people to how to handle stress, this four-week series answers questions that we all have about life’s most difficult challenges.
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Surviving Life's Worst Moment in Six Stages:

1. Shock
When life falls apart, don't run from God and people; run to them.

2. Sorrow.
Worship changes everything.

3. Struggle
Jeremiah 20:18 TEV
18 Why was I born? Was it only to have trouble and sorrow, end my life in disgrace?
When this life falls apart, I must keep my eyes on the life to come.

4. Surrender
Trusting God is the only way to peace.

5. Sanctification
My pain will either imprison me or develop me.

6. Service
There is purpose in my pain.

I choose to run to God and others.
I choose to worship.
I choose to focus on eternity.
I choose to trust God.
I choose to learn from my problems.
I choose to use my pain to help others.


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