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Advent Series: Dwelling part 3 - Perfect Timing
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What stories of "perfect timing" stand out in your life?
1) God’s timing waits longer than we expect.
2) God’s timing takes into account our requests.
3) God’s timing ensures He Gets the Victory
How should we wait on God's timing?
1- don’t make all of it about me and my circumstances
2- Give God glory in the waiting
3- pray for God’s glory in the answer

A Great Song about Waiting

John Waller - "While I'm Waiting"This song was written for the movie "Fireproof" but it has been instrumental in encouraging me in seasons of waiting on God's perfect timing.
I will serve You while I’m waitingI will worship while I’m waiting

Think about it ...
>God used a virgin to bring His son into the world –
>God used a Roman Empire to have this young couple of Nazareth (no good), travel to Bethlehem –
>God used dirty and otherwise ignored shepherds to be the first worshippers of His Son –
>God used pagan astrologers to announce Jesus’ birth –
>God used a faithful man named SIMEON (“he was eagerly waiting for the Messiah to come”) –
>God used a prophetess Anna (a WIDOW for nearly 60 years – “telling everyone who had been waiting expectantly for God to rescue Israel”)
>God used tax collectors, accountants, and fishermen to launch the church –
>God used a murderer and persecutor of believers to spread the Good News to ALL PEOPLE -
What are you waiting God to do in your life?

How can you draw CLOSER to him while you wait?
Today's Takeaway:
While it doesn’t always FEEL like it, God’s TIMING is truly BETTER than ours.
Personal reflection this week ...
> Take time to identify your greatest disappointment with God. Confess your struggle to see His plan in the midst of that experience.

> Invite Jesus to begin the transformation of your life according to His perfect timing for your life. Begin to see what He is teaching you in the waiting.