Louisville church of CHRIST
No More Limping
Gathering on August 25, 2019
Locations & Times
  • Louisville church of Christ
    1520 California Ave, Louisville, OH 44641, USA
    Minggu 10:15 pagi
When one hurts his or her knee, limping soon follows. And once the healing is complete ... the limping stops. Throughout our study in the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul has been showing us how to walk without a limp. He continues to do that in Ephesians 5:15-20
Who are the unwise?

Who are the wise?
Start off the day with GOD! From Charles Spurgeon:

The morning is the gate of the day, and should be well guarded with prayer. It is one end of the thread on which the day’s actions are strung, and should be well knotted with devotion. If we felt more the majesty of life we should be more careful of its mornings. He who rushes from his bed to his business and waiteth not to worship is as foolish as though he had not put on his clothes, or cleansed his face, and as unwise as though he dashed into battle without arms or armor. Be it ours to bathe in the softly flowing river of communion with God, before the heat of the wilderness and the burden of the way begin to oppress us.
LORD, what is it that YOU want at this moment?
It is imperative that you open up to the HOLY SPIRIT to be transformed.
Getting drunk is foolishness ... being filled with the HOLY SPIRIT is wise.
The purpose of Ephesian 5:19 is to give evidence of one who is filled with the HOLY SPIRIT not one who is filled with wine.