Waxahachie FUMC Student Ministries
Mid-Week 8/28/19
Under Pressure
Locations & Times
  • First United Methodist Church
    505 W Marvin Ave, Waxahachie, TX 75165, USA
    Wednesday 5:30 PM
Peer pressure is inevitable in school. No matter how strong you are, there are always going to be times where it is tempting to give in. If you don’t decide now how you’re going to react to peer pressure, it’s going to be a lot harder to do the right thing when you’re trying to make that decision in the heat of the moment.
You are going to face peer pressure this year, it’s just a fact. But you can make things so much easier by deciding how you are going to respond before it even happens. Whether it’s something as big as drugs or something seemingly small, like gossip, there is going to be pressure to act in a way that contradicts the Bible. Be prepared this year by knowing what the Bible says. Just like Jesus was able to say those exact verses at the right time, you can memorize them and do the same.
Confirmation 2019
This year we are taking a opportunity to "catch up". Normally we would have the class for incoming 6th graders but instead we're going to wait until they're entering 7th. There are two reasons for this: 1st, Yes this worked fine every year in the past and got the job done but I believe we can do it better. Waiting an extra year for these students to mature will help to deepen the effects of the class. After all, giving the students a clear understanding of their faith and role in our church is our goal. 2nd, This now gives us an opportunity to have a class for any students or adults that missed the chance prior. I hope you can join me in accepting this change and continue praying for our youth in this journey.
Confirmation classes will start this year on Sept 15th, and will be held for all students 7th and up. Returning students and adults welcome!

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