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The Missing Link (Part 2)
Acts 19:1-7
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Luke may include Acts 18:24-28 and Acts 19:1-7 back to back to show the superiority of Christianity to a movement that was rooted on the OT, but looking to the new.
"Disciples" means a follower or pupil. Someone can be a disciple of Jesus or a disciple of Plato or some other leader.
The Holy Spirit was promised to come.
All Christians are promised to have the Holy Spirit.
It is normative or expected to have the Holy Spirit given to the believer at salvation.
Holy Spirit Given to Three People Groups
Acts 2:1-13- Jews
Acts 8:14-24- Samaritans
Acts 10:24-38- Gentiles
If baptism of the Spirit, accompanied by tongues is to be the normative experience for all Christians why then:
Is Acts 19 the last time it is mentioned out of 28 chapters?
Are there no more instances or examples?
Is there not one injunction in the epistles to seek it?
Is it only mentioned in 3 or 4 cities out of 50 in Acts?
We can conclude that tongues is not the pre-eminent or only sign for having the Spirit. However, tongues can be one of many manifestations possible.
The twelve disciples coming to understand the believe the gospel for the first time and then having the Spirit given to them seems to be the best option.
For further study you may listen to messages on Acts 2:4-13, Acts 8:14-17 and Acts 11:1-18.
Areas Pentecostals Would Do Well To Avoid

Loose Language
Imprecise Theology
Areas Non-Pentecostals Would Do Well To Avoid

Assume nefarious motives or forces
Limit God’s work based upon experience
Being absolute on shaky cessationism
To the degree we put the attention and glory on Jesus we are being led by and filled with the Spirit. To the degree we put the attention on ourselves and how we are separate or are better than others, we operate out of the flesh.
Application Questions

1. Read Acts 19:1-7. What were these twelve disciples missing and how did Paul meet their need?

2. Are there any areas of your own spiritual walk where you seem to be missing the life and vibrancy of the Spirit? How may you respond to this to allow the Spirit to fill/control you?

3. What are some social pressures pentecostal and non-pentecostal people put on others that prohibit unity and growth in the body of Christ?

4. How can Christ be more prominent in your daily life and thoughts?
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Fresh Grounded Faith

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Unity on Division

What is it? CCC partners with multiple churches in the area to present Unity on Division. This event brings the body of Christ together to celebrate unity regardless of economic, racial, or denominational differences. 
When is it? Mark your calendars for September 28. We will join in community to praise and worship, pray, enjoy food, and have fun together at Tom Watkins Park from 11-3. Also, please join us in praying over the event and park on Friday, September 27 at 6:30 pm at Tom Watkins Park.  How can I help? We need . . . people willing to pass out flyers to the local community on Sept. 14. willing men with trucks to load tables and chairs and bring them to the park.a set up crew.a clean up servers.runners.those who can assist with check in.people who love to play with kids to assist in the play area with games and a bounce house.If you are willing to pray, we need you, too!! If you have anything that you would like to offer and want to set up a table, please contact Jamie Polley.If you are interested in helping and want to stand against division amongst believers in Christ, please sign up below.

Memorial Tree for John Houghtling

If you would like to contribute to a tree to be planted on the grounds of CCC in memory of John Houghtling, please go the link below and choose “John Houghting Memorial Tree.”