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Steps of Obedience
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God is faithful even when we are not.
“In the days of Shammer son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the highways were abandoned and travelers kept to the byways. The villagers ceased in Israel; (Judges 5:6-7a)
God uses the OBEDIENT—man or woman.
“…Among the clans of Reuben there were great searchings of heart. 17 Gilead stayed beyond the Jordan; and Dan, why did he stay with the ships? Asher sat still at the coast of the sea, staying by his landings. (Judges 5:16b-17)
Steps of obedience lead to witnessing God’s GLORY and POWER first-hand.
God is FAITHFUL in the face of rebellion
Rebellion: God’s people did what was evil in His sight. (4:1)

Faithfulness: God is faithful to raise Deborah, the obedient prophet and wise leader. (4:4)

Rebellion: Barak is hesitant and reluctant. (4:8)

Faithfulness: Yet, God is faithful to route Sisera and his army, using Barak to do it. (4:15)

Rebellion: Jael’s husband has become friendly toward Sisera and his army. (4:11)

Faithfulness: God fulfills his promise to defeat Sisera and uses Jael to do it. (4:21)