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Face Your Fears: Fear of Disappointing God
What causes Fear in your life? Through this sermon series we will learn how to face our fears from a biblical point of view.
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    Friday 5:00 PM
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    Friday 5:00 PM

Peter sinks when he takes his eyes off Jesus (Matthew 14:29-31)

Peter is told, ‘Get behind Me Satan?’ (Matthew 16:21-23)

Peter’s three denials of Jesus (Mark 14:66-72)
Jesus – Simon, do you love me more than these?
Love = agape (self-sacrificial love)!
More than these = Matthew 26:33, 35!

Peter –Yes, Lord, you know that I love you
Love = phileo (tender affection)!
Peter could not say, “I agape You”

Jesus –Tend my lambs!
A command in the present tense
Lambs = little lambs (young converts)
Jesus –Simon, do you love (agape) me?

Peter –Yes, Lord, you know that I love (phileo) you

Jesus –Shepherd my sheep
Different command (still in the present tense)
Shepherd = same word as pastor (1 Peter 5:2)
Jesus – Simon, do you love me?
Jesus changes the question - Love = phileo (tender affection)

Three questions to symbolize Peter’s three denials
Peter – Lord, you know all things. You know that I love you
Peter is grieved = describing a woman in child-birth (Jn 16:21)

You know (by experience) that I love (phileo) you

Jesus – Tend my sheep!
Not just tending the lambs but also the sheep
Sheep = more mature animals (all believers)
Peter’s MINISTRY = Preaching on Day of Pentecost (Acts 2)

Peter’s MARTYRDOM (John 21:18-23)

What was Jesus predicting? (v18-19) - Peter’s future martyrdom through crucifixion (tradition says he was crucified upside down under Nero in AD67)

What does the phrase, “When you grow old” show? (v18)
That Peter still had many years of serving the Lord ahead

What did Jesus then immediately command of Peter? (v19)
Follow me

What mistake did Peter immediately make? (v20-21)
He asked Jesus, “What about this man (John)?

Option #1 – That’s not fair…Why just me?
Option #2 – Concern…Not John too?

What was Jesus teaching in His response to Peter? (v22)
God deals with each of us individually
Don’t worry about others
You follow me!

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, my friend, anyone can start right now and make a brand new end.