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Advent Series: Dwelling part 2 - The Characters
Located at 9500 W. Pierson Road, Flushing Michigan "We desire to experience the transforming love of God and share it with others."
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Today's Bulletin

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Mercy Team Christmas Opportunities for Generosity
Thank you for your generosity last month for Thanksgiving! Our opportunities to share God's love continue this month with Christmas!
1) We have 75 boxes to pass out. Take 1 home and fill it back full of items a family can use for their Christmas dinner. Turkeys provided by the church. Boxes are due back December 15.
2) We have several families we are supporting with our Giving Tree. Pick up an ornament that lists a gift idea. Bring the unwrapped gift back by December 22. This allows the parents to see the gift and wrap it themselves - offering dignity and excitement in their life, too!

Generosity Online!

The Lord calls all who follow His way to live generous lives - starting with the church. FCC faithfully invests all the funds it receives to impact the community and world for Christ. Thanks for your generosity by giving at the church today (stations available at the door or welcome center) or follow this link to discover online giving!

Use the hashtag #FCCdwelling if you post on Facebook or Twitter. Using social media spreads the impact of what God is doing in our service this morning throughout your friendships!

The History and Purpose of Advent

This article and video is a nice summary of the history of Advent.


The common characters of Christmas!

What do we learn from some of Mary and Joseph's genealogy?
{Tamar, Rabab, Ruth, Bathsheba}
You are not who OTHERS say you are. You ARE who CHRIST says you are!
Scripture is filled with God redeeming some horrible situations that would have otherwise derailed most people:
> Job
> Joseph
> Samson
> Jeremiah
> John the Baptist
> The Apostles
Today's Takeaway:
Your PAST cannot define your PRESENT unless you PRESENTLY live in the PAST.
Personal reflection this week ...
> Take time to reflect on your family and your heritage. How have your past experiences shaped your present realities?

> Invite Jesus to begin the transformation of your life according to His image and plan for you. Identify specific ways you need to claim His promises.