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YHWH, The Wielder of History
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We, as 21st century Gentiles (mostly) come into this story often without understanding the whole of redemptive history.

History is in fact HIS story

I want us to come to this text today as a Jewish boy/girl in the first century would

The Jews knew the whole story!

They would hear stories about creation:
God created Adam and Eve "Imago Dei" (In His Image)

God made a covenant with Adam (blessings and cursings)

Adam and Eve broke Covenant with God
Who does YHWH condemn first? The Serpent
God promises that from the seed of the WOMAN, Satan would ultimately be defeated.

This Messiah would be wounded, but by His wounds, he would bring a death blow to the works of Satan
They would hear stories about Abraham

God called Abraham from his home and he obeyed

God also makes a Covenant with Abraham, that His descendants would be as numerous as the Stars!
The Jews would also hear the stories of Moses
YHWH promised, through Moses, that a greater prophet was coming!
Jesus is the fulfillment of all the events of the Exodus!
The Jews also knew of the promise God made that a King was coming to rule the WHOLE WORLD!
Matthew's Old Testament quotations
Matthew References from Jeremiah 31:15- A poetic verse to which Jeremiah paints a picture of the Jewish Exile to Babylon
Matthew brings this passage into his narrative to show that through Jesus, the Messiah King, the exile is finally over! The New Covenant reign of the Messiah has begun.
There is no explicit text in the Old Testament that Jesus would be a Nazarene. What is Matthew doing?
Galilee was known as the region "of the Nations"
Micah 5:2 is also brought into the narrative, but Matthew doesn't quote the whole passage.
This Messiah would come "From Eternity"

He would be great to THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!
Matthew's Gospel begins with the NATIONS (Magi from the East) coming to worship Him

Matthew's Gospel ends with Jesus telling His disciples, and His church to go get the nations!