Belgrave Heights Convention
Thirsting for Truth - Women's Convention
Welcome: Truth that helps you know God and be undivided in your worship of Him? Then Women's Convention is for you. Hear from two great Bible teachers on Jeremiah and Colossians 3. Chose two electives (or 3 if you come on Friday night). We are confident you will be blessed by this experienced group of women who will lead and encourage us. Our two speakers for 2019 are: Jill Firth, who is a lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament at Ridley College. Stephanie Judd, who is the Women's Ministry Director at City on a Hill.
Locations & Times
  • Belgrave Heights Convention - Main Auditorium
    3 Convention Ave, Belgrave Heights VIC 3160, Australia
    Monday 8:00 AM
8.30am Registration Opens
9.15am Session 1 Jill Firth - A spring of living water: God in the Book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah 2:12-13
10.30am Morning Tea
11.15am Session 2 - Stephanie Judd - The Power and Beauty of Union with Christ. Colossians 3:1-17
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Electives Session 1
2.40pm Electives Session 2
3.50pm Words of encouragement
4.15pm Conclude with Afternoon Tea

1. Tools for Truth - Sally Minett
2. Navigating the journey of singleness in our complex world - Beth Alison
3. Taking people to the spring of living water - Karen Morris
4. Grieving Well - Dot Hodge
5. Drinking the living water Jesus offers - Natalie Rosner

Friday Night: For those staying overnight:
Arrival from 4pm. A light meal is served at 6pm. Elective 3 will commence at 8pm. Supper. You will be provided with bed and mattress in shared accommodation. Please bring all other bedding.
Notes for Session 1 - Jill Firth - A Spring of Living Water: God in the Book of Jeremiah.

In the book of Jeremiah, God presents himself as a reliable spring of living water (2.13), but the people accuse him of offering them poison water (8.14), and Jeremiah himself questions whether God is untrustworthy like a seasonal brook (15.18).

Jill Firth will reflect on the book of Jeremiah asking if God is a never-failing spring, a poisoned waterhole or an intermittent creek for spiritually thirsty women.
Notes for Session 2 - Stephanie Judd - The Power and Beauty of Union with Christ.
Notes for Elective - Tools for Truth with Sally Minnet
This is a practical, hands-on seminar designed to equip you to unpack a Scripture passage ready to teach, to lead a discussion or to enhance your personal Bible study. Learn to uncover the What? and the So What? of the Bible so that you can be an instrument in God's hands to bring truth to the thirsty.
Notes for Elective - Taking People to the Spring of Living Water with Karen Morris
Notes for Elective - Drinking the living water Jesus offers with Natalie Rosner.
'My soul thirsts for you' (Psalm 63:1). Thirst in the Bible is a metaphor for our deep longing for connection with God. So when Jesus offers living water to those who are thirsty, it's a claim that he can satisfy this deep need in everyone of us. He also promises that those who drink will never thirst again. So who is Jesus' offer for? What is the living water that he offers us and how do we drink it? and how can we experience deep satisfaction of our longing to be connected with God?

Notes for Elective - Navigating the journey of singleness in our complex world: Looking for love in cyberspace with Beth Alison
Christian singles are one of the fastest growing demographics yet often feel overlooked in the church. And the more traditional ways for Christians to meet potential life partners in church or Christian social circles have become much more elusive. As a result more and more Christian singles are turning to online dating. Is it lack of faith or actually a faith step to look for love in cyberspace? Expect an interactive practical session on the how to's of online dating for Christians, the risks and benefits, the different websites available, together with some real-life and sometimes humorous stories of cyberspace matchmaking.
Notes for Elective - Grieving Well with Dorothy Hodge
I anticipate this session to give the opportunity to participate in some grief exercises as well as give an insight into some of the Theories of Grief, not only following the death of a loved one, but also acknowledging how we grieve through many other life experiences. It will include a spiritual reflection of Jesus with Mary and Martha.

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