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“Who Cares? – Malachi: God’s Wake-Up Call”
A Series in the Book of Malachi

“Who Cares? – God; Relationships Matter”
A. God calls us to be faithful because He is faithful…
1. God calls us to be faithful in our relationships.
2. God calls us to be faithful to Him in our relationship choices.
3. A covenant is a chosen relationship in which two parties make binding promises to each other. God made an Old Covenant and a New Covenant.
4. God calls us to be faithful in our marriages as marriage is a covenant.
2. God does not hate divorced people.
3. Divorce is not the only thing God hates. God hates sin!
4. God does not forbid all divorce.
C. Practical ways to keep your marriage covenant...
1. Take responsibility to grow spiritually.
2. Stay committed no matter what.
3. Set up some practical hedges of protection.
- Avoid flirting
- Don't be alone with the door closed with a member of the opposite sex
- Watch what you watch
- Be careful how you touch the opposite sex
- Share as much as needed to build trust
4. Commit to communicate with each other.
5. Think the best of your spouse.
6. Be a servant to each other.

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