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The Story of Us–Part 8
Throughout the pages of the Bible we see God's plan for humanity as revealed from Genesis to Revelation. Join us this summer for the series, The Story of Us. We will take a journey through the Bible and will learn that God not only created us, but that He wants to spend an eternity with us. The Bible is God's story. It is also the story of us.
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  • Chestnut Ridge Church [CRC]
    2223 Cheat Rd, Morgantown, WV 26508, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM


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The Story of Us [Part 8]—Tim Haring

Problem: People are not aware that we live forever.
Solution: Everyone will live forever, but not in the same place.
Purpose–relationship with God
Problem–sin ruined everything
Plan–to send His son to be Savior of the world
Promised One–Jesus made a payment on our behalf
People of God–the body of Christ in this world
Physical Return of Christ–Jesus is coming back
Paradise–everyone will end up somewhere forever
Today's Takeaway: Everyone will spend an eternity somewhere.
“If we had a true spiritual awareness, we would not be amazed at hell’s severity but at our own depravity." –Jonathan Edwards
Is the idea of an eternal judgment a New Testament concept only?
What will heaven and hell be like?
"The place became notorious because of the idolatrous practices which were carried out there in the days of Judah’s kings Ahaz and Manasseh, especially involving the heinous crime of infant sacrifice associated with the Molech ceremonies."–W.A. Elwell
New Testament descriptions of hell:
Blazing furnace or lake of fire
New Testament descriptions of hell:
New Testament descriptions of hell:
A place of weeping and gnashing of teeth
“Weeping” suggests sorrow and grief (emotional agony of the lost in hell), and grinding of one’s teeth speaks of pain (physical agony in hell). –Barbieri
New Testament descriptions of hell:
A place of torment and restlessness
What about babies and those who haven’t heard the gospel?
Do people go directly to heaven or hell when they die?

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