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Face Your Fears: Fear of Financial Failure
What causes Fear in your life? Through this sermon series we will learn how to face our fears from a biblical point of view.
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The INSTRUCTION about worldliness

The PROHIBITION Involved (v19)

What was the mindset of the Pharisees? (v19)
God blessed materially those He loved

This justified their stockpiling of wealth (Luke 16:14)
What is an earthly treasure? (v19)

Anything that is tangible
Anything that has a price tag

What was Jesus’ command regarding earthly treasures?
Do not store up for yourself = idea of stockpiling/hoarding

The scope deals with the selfish accumulation of tangible things or extravagant living to the exclusion of others

What happens to earthly treasures? (v19)

The finest clothes made of wool would be eaten by moths

The grain was eaten by rats, worms or other insects (“rust” is literally “eating”…see Rom 14:17; I Cor 8:4; II Cor 9:10)

Other objects were stolen by thieves that break in and stea
What is Jesus not referring to? (v19)

Owning possessions – poverty doesn’t guarantee spirituality

Planning for the future (Proverbs 6:6-8)

Enjoying things (I Timothy 6:17)
The PRIORITY Involved (v20)

What is our priority to be?
That which is eternal

What is the Good News/Bad News to this?
Good News = that which is earthly is temporary while that which is eternal is permanent

Bad News = that which is earthly is immediate while that which is eternal is often postponed
The PURPOSE Involved (v21)

Whatever we choose as our priority will control us (James 4:4)

The location of our treasure indicates the priority of our heart
The ILLUSTRATION about worldliness (Mark 12:41-44)

The OFFERING (v41-42)

a. The WITNESS (v41a) – Jesus was observing how the people gave

b. The WEALTHY (v41b) – Many wealthy people gave large amounts
c. The WIDOW (v42) – A poor widow gave two small copper coins

These were the smallest bronze Jewish coins in circulation
Together they equal ¼ of a cent in our money system today
The OBSERVATION (v43-44)

The PRINCIPLE (v43) – The widow gave more than all of the wealthy givers before her who had put in great sums of money

The PROOF (v44)

The others gave out of their wealth with little sacrifice

She gave our of her poverty, showing dependence on God

God places value on whole-hearted commitment, not the amount of one’s financial portfolio