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A Thankful Heart (Jonah 2)
This week's message continues our series in Jonah. We will be looking at Jonah 2 - find out about "low points in life" this Sunday at Involve Church. // To find out more about Involve Church, head to or email
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Jonah 2 - A Thankful Heart

Big Idea: Low points in life create great opportunities for thanksgiving

1. Jonah’s trauma (1)
2. Jonah’s reflection (2-7)
a. The Lord is humbling Jonah
cross reference (see below) - Psalm 42:6-7
b. Jonah turns his attention to the Lord
cross reference (see below) - Psalm 42:11; 119:9-11; Matt. 4:1-11
3. Jonah’s decision to worship (8-9)

How this applies to me
1. Have you ever said to the Lord, "You're in charge of my life?" If not, would you say it now?
2. Write out 7 difficult things you're thankful for - one for each day of the week.

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