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Sunday, July 14, 2019
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A Summer Study in James Part 8
The Test of Wisdom
James 3:13-18

Dan Cooper
Young Adults Pastor
Contrast between godly wisdom and worldly wisdom
Roots of godly and worldly wisdom
Characteristics of godly and worldly wisdom
Fruits of godly and worldly wisdom
The Roots of Godly Wisdom
Meekness (v. 13)
Righteousness (v. 18)
Peace (v. 18)
The Characteristics of Godly Wisdom (v. 17)
Open to reason
Full of mercy and good fruits
The Fruit of Godly Wisdom
Righteousness (v.18)
Peace (v.18)
The Roots of Worldly Wisdom
Jealousy (v. 14, 16)
Selfish Ambition (v. 14, 16)
The Characteristics of Worldly Wisdom
Earthly (v. 15)
Unspiritual (v. 15)
Demonic (v. 15)
How should we respond?
Acknowledge our sin through repentance
Walk by the Spirit (Gal. 5:16)
Pray for wisdom (Jas. 1:5)