First Baptist Church Pflugerville
Christmas Trees
The Christmas Tree divides all humanity into two groups.
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  • First Baptist Church Pflugerville
    306 10th St, Pflugerville, TX 78660, USA
    Sunday 10:45 AM

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There's lot's to be merry about this season!
1. TODAY’S Christmas Trees

A. Christmas Trees may have started in northern Germany.
B. Christmas Trees probably started in pre-Christian Scandinavia.
C. Don’t worship the Christmas Tree.
2. FIRST Christmas Tree

A. The first Christmas tree was this little wooden feeding trough.
B. There was normally nothing special about this tree.
C. On this night it became truly special.
3. The MOST IMPORTANT Christmas Tree

A. There was another tree growing strong and tall.
B. It grew on a hill outside of Jerusalem.
C. It was made into a cross
D. On this tree Jesus was crucified for our sins.

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