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God's Mission - Reconciliation
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“Realize you are a guest, not a specialist – many short-termers go to places to ‘preach the gospel’ where the Gospel has been preached for decades, sometimes centuries. They should not have the impression that they are the first to bring the Good News for the first time.” –Glenn Schwarz
“God himself is on mission. He has a purpose and goal for His whole creation, and as part of that divine mission, God has called into existence a people (us) to participate with Him in the accomplishment of His mission. Mission arises from the heart of God himself and is communicated from His heart to ours.”
- Christopher Wright
“The missionaries that have come to my continent did NOT bring God to Africa but God was already working and it was He who brought the missionaries.” - John Mabete

Reconciliation - the GOAL of Mission
The Webster Dictionary defines "reconciliation" this way:
a: to restore to friendship or harmony (reconciled the factions)
b: settle, resolve (reconcile differences)
Entrusting - the MEANS of Mission
Some practical suggestions for you:
READ: Read your Bible differently
PRAY: Pray for one person
GO: Go get involved
This week I will…

- Memorize 2 Corinthians 5:18-19.
- Read Scripture in light of God “being the missionary.”
- Reconcile with one person whomever God puts on my heart.

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Prayer Requests

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