Grace Family Fellowship
Purposeful Prayer - Sermon Event
Pastor David continues to lead us toward our 2019-2020 Theme reveal with this stirring message from God that can prepare us for all God has for this season, if we will only PRAY! Pray with vigilance!
Locations & Times
  • Grace Family Fellowship Pentecostal Holiness Church
    24093 NC-903, Robersonville, NC 27871, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM

There are many sermons on Prayer...Let this be different!

Andrew Murray - Quote below

Andrew Murray said: "God's intense longing to bless seems in some sense, to be graciously limited by His dependence on intercession. God regards intercession as the highest expression of His peoples' readiness to receive and to yield themselves wholly to the working of His almighty power.”

What does this mean to you? What does Pastor David say it means?
I. Proskartereo (Gk) Proskartereite

A. The Hard Work of Prayer!
B. Watching - Alertness

What does God do in us?
What is Paul actually asking God to do in Colossians 4?
What is one of the things prayer can do for us?
LIST a few that Pastor David mentions and list a few that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you right now...
II. Prayer Intervention:

A. Prayer Opens the Doors, but you must first open the door to

Not just any prayers...but the prayers from a "transformed church" a transformed people...that remnant we talked about last Sunday ("Uber Leader").
If not us...then who?

Who else is going to do it?
When we do...It is God who will perform it! He chooses to work through His people.
A word from the Lord:

"Man was never meant to live out of a book alone, but rather out of daily communion with Me. The book (Bible) was added because sin broke our daily communion (Gen. 3), and then My voice was rejected in favor of living out of laws (Deut. 5:23-33). However from the beginning, it was not so.
So return to My original intent, communion with Me. For the word spoken in daily communion is the word I stand unreservedly behind. It is the appropriate word for the moment you are in. My word at that time is like apples of gold in settings of silver (Prov. 25:11). It is a word of wisdom, or a word of knowledge, given by My Spirit which is exactly right for the moment you are living in (1 Cor. 12:8)."
B. Prayer Mission:

What does purposeful prayer look like?

What is one way that can help your prayers become an intervention?
List as many as you can:

When you see a:
· bicycle; or a child's toy - pray for the youth and the children.
· Broken-down house; a run-down building - pray for provision, protection, that the families would be made whole, that the scars of poverty on the young would be healed.
· Discouraged countenances, etc. – pray against a spirit of loneliness, depression, spirit of suicide.
· Moving vans - that if the move involved a divorce or fractured family, they would be healed; that wherever they go, they would find themselves near, next to, Christians; that they would resolve to find a church home in the next city.
· Homes for sale - that God would move a Christian family into the neighborhood.
· Churches - for the pastor, leaders, for revival, renewal & an awakening in America – that churches would be full of people seeking God, for unity with other Christians. Pray against a spirit of division!
· Drug deals going down - for protection of kids, for salvation of dealers, for God to cut off the drug supply, for God to expose corruption and bring a string of arrests crippling the drug industry, that those needing drugs to survive another day would find peace in Jesus Christ.
· Banks - for the blessing and favor of God on the city, financially; and for means to meet Kingdom goals to come to the Church.
· Elderly - health, vitality, for a sense of meaning in the latter years, that they might know Christ, that financial pressures would be relieved.
· Hospitals or health clinics. Pray for health and healing.