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The Principle of First Things
All throughout the bible God calls for his people to offer him the first portion of everything.

Why not just some?
Why not just what is left after we have used what we need?
Give to God the first of everything and there will be enough
When we give first to God there will always be more, we will always have enough, we will not miss out or run out.

This is not just a one time thing for one ancient woman, this is not just an Old Testament law, this is a principle of faith.

When we give first to God we can trust that he will provide more than enough for us.

Do you trust him?
Fear of Scarcity and Selfishness
Fear of scarcity and selfishness are at war with our ability to trust God with the first things. Fear says, "There won't be enough." Selfishness says, "me first." God says, "Seek first the kingdom, bring me the firstfruits..."

Whose voice will you listen to?
Trading one lie for another
Legalism says that if we don't go to church every Sunday, if we don't give God a full 10% tithe, if we don't wake early every morning for prayer and devotion, that God will not love us and forgive us. That is a lie.

But the danger is that we trade the lie of legalism for another lie. The lie of apathy.

Apathy says that these things don't matter. The truth is that they do, God calls for us to give him the first things of everything. And when we trust him with the first things his promise is that there will be more than enough left for us.

Make a choice today, put God first in everything.

Life Group Discussion Questions Below

As our life groups gather this week, we have attached our reference verse and some questions to prompt a deeper discussion and search into this week's topic.

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Discussion Questions

Read through 1 Kings 17:7-16
1. Have you ever felt like your resources have been so scarce that you have nothing to spare?
2. What does it feel like in that situation to be asked to give first to something else?
3. Throughout the bible God calls for us to give first to him, before meeting our own needs, why does he do this?
4. What promises does God give when we give first to him in every area of our life?
5. Share testimonies of when you have seen God be faithful to his promises about trusting him with the first things.
6. What area of your life are you struggling to trust God? What does taking a step of faith to trust God with the "first things" in this area?

Take some time to pray for one another

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