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Summer School - Part 7 [Teachings of Jesus]
Tim Haring - Get to know the Bible and the God of the Bible
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SUMMER SCHOOL - PART 7 [July 16/17, 2016] Tim Haring

Get to know the Bible and get to know the God of the Bible.
Get to know the Bible and the God of the Bible.
The Pharisees:
· Believed the Old Testament was the Word of God; but they relied on oral tradition for the right interpretation.
· Believed in the resurrection of the body and in angels.
· Opposed Roman rule
The Herodians:
· Jewish sect
· Actively supported rulers from the line of Herod the Great.
· Very political
The Sadducees:
· Aristocratic, high-priestly party
· Politically and theologically liberal
· Supported the Roman rule.
· Rejected the resurrection and the existence of angels.
· Accepted the authority of the first five Books of Moses only
· Rejected the oral tradition.
Get to know the Bible and the God of the Bible.
They didn’t know the Bible or the God of the Bible.
Get to know the Bible and get to know the God of the Bible.
Discussion Questions:

1. Why do you think there are so many different kinds of Christian churches? Why do you think Christians don’t agree on various doctrines?

2. Can you think of a discussion you had with someone from a different Christian denomination than the one in which you were raised? How did the discussion go? Why do you think you viewed things differently? Did either of you change your perspective after talking? Why or why not?

3. Read Matthew 22:23-33. In verse 29, Jesus explained how the Sadducees got it wrong concerning their belief that there would be no resurrection of the dead. How would you summarize “their problem” based on what Jesus said to them in verse 19? How can we make sure we don’t make the same mistakes the Sadducees did?

4. Can you think of an example where you misinterpreted something from the Bible? Where did you “get it wrong,” and how were you persuaded to take on a different belief?

5. Read 2 Timothy 2:15 and 2 Timothy 3:16. What are some things we can do to make sure we interpret the Bible correctly?

6. Do you think it is possible for us to always interpret the Bible correctly? Why or why not? If we agree that we all get it wrong sometimes, what attitude should we have when we disagree with others?

7. How might you apply tonight’s lesson to your life?

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