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Week 20:
"One-Two Punch"
[Betrayal & Denial]
(John 18)
Betrayal = to deliver or expose to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty, revelation of something hidden or secret
Denial = refusal to recognize or acknowledge a person or a thing
» Which of the two is worse?
» Which one have you experienced?
» Why was it so painful/hurtful?
How were Judas and Peter alike?
1. Both men knew Jesus.
2. Both men were known by Jesus.
3. Both men were worldly minded.
• Judas trusted in the power of silver(money).
"Money has never yet made anyone rich.”
—Seneca (Roman Statesman)
• Peter trusted in the power of the sword.
How were Judas and Peter different?

Judas was a FAKE follower. / Peter was a FLAWED follower.
He tried to hide who he really was. / He sometimes forgot who he really was.
He sought to detain Jesus. / He sought to defend Jesus.
He had a monumental lapse of judgment. / He had a momentary lapse of judgment.
He experienced worldly sorrow. / He exhibited godly sorrow.
"You contribute nothing to your salvation except the sin that made it necessary."
—Jonathan Edwards
On your best day... remember that Jesus had to die for you. On your worst day... remember that He did!