Cadyville Wesleyan Church
Fundamentals: Week 1: Imagine a Kingdom
Jesus' life was marked by scandal. From his birth through his miracles, teaching, death, and resurrection, scandal seemed to follow him. It wasn't without reasons: Jesus taught and modeled extraordinary things, and called his followers to an extraordinary life. But the most shocking, and offensive, of Jesus claims wasn't regarding personal transformation or even individual salvation but is found in his institution of the Kingdom of God here on earth. With authority, Jesus proclaimed that God's Kingdom had come and that he was King. In the what could be called the founding documents of the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus laid out what it meant to be a citizen of heaven, how your allegiances change, your tactics differed, and your motivations shifted. In three chapters, he challenged our way of seeing the world, the way of seeing ourselves, and the way of our seeing God. It was in these verses that he gave us the building blocks of an upside-down Kingdom. And the world would never be the same.
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  • Mosaic Church
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    Saturday 9:00 PM
The Upside Down Kingdom proclaimed by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount changes everything.
These Gospel messages proclaimed throughout the kingdom that something had happened and that something would happen.
“The whole point of the gospels is to tell the story of how God became king, on earth as in heaven.”
- N.T. Wright
“[Our world is a] theater of perpetual conflict in which the prize goes to the strong. Peace through was, security through strength.”
- Walter Wink
Jesus was leading a new kind of kingdom, one that looked nothing like their own. And one that could not be defeated.
That’s the Good News:
That we can participate in the Gospel happened, but also will happen.
That’s the Good News:
That we are a part go a Kingdom that declared victory but is looking ahead to the day that victory will be fulfilled.
The Sermon on the Mount invites us to become citizens of heaven and then challenges us to live out that citizenship now.
The Kingdom that Jesus inaugurated calls us to commit ourselves to its defining principles, to embrace a different kind of life.
In Christ, we aren’t just redeemed, 
but we are renewed.
Kingdom principles aren’t embraced because they’re a list of rules on a page; they’re not entrance requirements for the Kingdom. They flow out of our transformed lives.