Louisville church of CHRIST
That You May Know@
June 30, 2019 Gathering
Locations & Times
  • Louisville church of Christ
    1520 California Ave, Louisville, OH 44641, USA
    Sunday 10:15 AM
Paul continues to challenge his readers through this book of Ephesians. Paul has been given a stewardship by GOD and Paul will give his all to fulfill it.
GOD expects much from HIS church. Bit by bit HE is working to transform us into the image of HIS SON!
You need to know that Pal could not help but to kneel before the FATHER.
- In reverence and worship
- Submission to HIS authority
- In love and awe
Naming something amounted to bringing it into existence. Naming something or someone gives that individual an identity.

Christian, you wear GOD'S name!
Something is to be happening inside of you, Christian.
There are no boundaries to CHRIST'S love.
Paul writes this so that ... we may know!
Could it be that we are thinking so small and imagining so little?