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This Is That Part 5
In the final installment of the This Is That series, Lead Pastor, Joel Cauley teaches us how we can grow deeper in our faith by opening our lives to the supernatural. Join us as we clarify Biblical truths with messages on the Holy Spirit, Miracles, Healing and what a lifestyle of worship truly looks like.
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Power: Greek word, Dunamis.

The power to do
The more one examines the various factors which seem to account for the extraordinary victory of Christianity, the more one is driven to search for a cause underlying them all. It is clear at the very beginning of Christianity there must have occurred a vast release of energy virtually unequalled in history. Without it the future course of the religion is inexplicable. Why this occurred may lie outside the realm in which modern historians are 'supposed' to move.”

- Kenneth Scott Latourette

Pneumatikos: empowered by breath or wind

Motivational gifts

Manifestation gifts

Ministry gifts

Ministerial gifts
The Discerning Gifts

Word of Knowledge: To know something specific without knowing it by natural means.

Word of Wisdom: A divine answer or solution for a particular event.

Discerning of Spirits: To be made aware of the presence of a demonic spirit.

The Declarative Gifts

Prophecy: A message of encouragement from God to a person. It always brings edification, exhortation, and comfort to others.

The Declarative Gifts

Tongues: A message from God in a language unknown to the person through whom the message comes.

Interpretation of Tongues: Understanding and expressing the thought or the intent of the message in tongues. It is an interpretation, not a translation.
The Dynamic Gifts

Faith: A supernatural impartation of belief and confidence for a specific situation.

Gifts of Healings: Supernatural endowments of divine health.

Working of Miracles: Divine intervention that alters our natural circumstances.

God still does miracles today because He is a miraculous God.


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