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Your Most Strategic Investment (Why, How, and What to Pray for Your Spiritual Leaders)
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“Paul knew that talking to men about God is a great thing. But talking to God about men is the first thing.”
WHY we should pray for Christian leaders – v. 30a

• Our duty to pray.
• Our regard for Christ.
• Our love for the Spirit.

HOW we should pray for Christian leaders– v. 30b
WHAT we should pray for Christian Leaders – vv. 31–32

• Prayers for protection.
• Prayers for prosperity.
• Prayers for provision.

What might happen if we consistently made our most strategic investment?

• The result for Paul: Acts 21:15 – 28:31
• The result for us: Peace

This week I will…

- Be reminded that I pray for spiritual leaders, ultimately because of the worthiness of Jesus. Write down as many truths about Jesus’ character, works, and mission as I can. Use this as a starting place for my prayers.
- Take time every day, multiple times each day, to pray this prayer: "Lord, I pray for (name of a ministry leader), asking that you will protect them from (specific attacks from the enemies of the Gospel)."

- Paul admitted his need for personal refreshment from others. Be intentional to do one thing (text, email, note, gift, etc.) to refresh the heart of one of my spiritual leaders (pastor, elder, teacher, missionary).

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