Morden Alliance Church
Life Stories From Soul Care - July 1-5
Soul Care Review “Every time we pick up the Bible, we are one Holy Spirit breath away from a fresh encounter with the living God.” Rob Reimer
Locations & Times
  • Morden Alliance Church
    181 15 St, Morden, MB R6M 1G2, Canada
    Sunday 12:00 PM
“The issue of your value is settled at the cross. On the cross, the Father said to you and me, “You are of infinite worth to me. I declare you to be worthy of my Son’s blood.”” Rob Reimer
“A soul in alignment is a soul without secrets. We cannot walk free if we will not repent from sin and bring it into the light with God and others”. Rob Reimer
“Jesus’ blood is greater than all our sin. Jesus’ love is stronger than all our waywardness.” Rob Reimer
“Engaging in certain spiritual disciplines will help you counteract certain sin patterns more effectively.” Rob Reimer
“It is utterly absurd for us to hold someone in our debt in light of the remarkable forgiveness God has offered us.” Rob Reimer
“So much of our battle with fear comes down to this question: Will you trust God? You have to choose to believe that God is with us, for us, and trustworthy. It is a choice.” Rob Reimer