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Thy Kingdom Come: Deliver Us from Evil
Welcome to Grace Chapel! The battles we fight in this life are not just in the material world. There are spiritual battles that cause turmoil in our life daily — the question is, do we believe it and ready ourselves in Christ to defend against it? In this message, we talk about the Spiritual realm by looking at the interaction Daniel had with an angel in Daniel 10.
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Spiritual warfare is real and it requires us to stay ALERT and stay in CHRIST.
Daniel 10-11:1:
· Verse 1 — The setting: King Cyrus’ reign
· Verses 2-9 — The vision: An image of magnificence
· Verses 10–11:1 — Daniel’s conversation with the angel: Have strength and courage
Don’t TRIVIALIZE the work of the devil in your life.
The fight for God’s Kingdom means that God’s ENEMIES are our enemies.
Spiritual warfare is the ongoing and often UNSEEN conflict between God and His angels and Satan and his demons that AFFECTS the lives of humans daily.
Satan opposes the will of God, that is, his mission is to hinder the redemptive work of Christ on the earth.
The person who the Holy Spirit OCCUPIES, Satan cannot.
There is a difference between OPPRESSION and POSSESSION:
· OPPRESSION is when the devil outside of us and against us.
· POSSESSION can only happen to those who are not already possessed by the Holy Spirit.
Do not be afraid.
Take courage.
Be strong.
You are greatly loved.
This week I will…

· Read and memorize 2 Corinthians 10:3-5.
· Pray for God to make his protection and love real in my life.
· Talk with other Christians about how we can be praying for our church, our lives, and our city.

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