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Questions From The Life of Joseph
Happy Easter! We are so glad you have chosen to join us as we study Joseph and how the questions that arose in his life are questions we must all answer in our own lives.
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I Remember video

This is the video that was shown to open the service.
The cross
We understand the cross to be the payment for the penalty of our sin. If Jesus Christ is dead, then he has accomplished nothing and we are wasting our time.

Just when things are at their worst, God comes through.
... in fact Christ has been raised from the dead!
There are those that doubt, some that question the validity of this claim. That's fine...but consider:
- the disciples
- the skeptics
- the body (or lack of a body)
- the empty tomb
- the eye-witnesses

Christ has been raised from the dead!

So we celebrate together today. Celebrate despite knowing that there is the reality of sin and struggle in the world around us. Celebrate while we acknowledge the need of a faith as the evidence of things unseen.
Questions so far:
- Do you know why you were born?
- Do you know who you are?
- Are you willing to wait for God?
- How big is your God?
- Are you willing to face your past?

Do you want to be set free?
When we left our story "and they drank and were merry with him."
There is one more test to be passed.
The last test
Joseph tests his brothers to see what they will do with Benjamin. Joseph had been abandoned by his brothers and he wants to know if they will do the same to Benjamin.

Judah responds:
Repentance: no longer thinking like we used to

Joseph replies that just Benjamin will be his slave, saying return to father with riches in hand, minus the favored son - just like before.

The rest of chapter 44 is Judah's response; Judah's desire for reconciliation.
The brothers are not just reunited, they are reconciled.

Do you want to be set free?

The cross offers more than forgiveness.
It offers reconciliation.
Return to relationship with your heavenly Father.

Judah chose freedom.
Jesus is your Joseph.
What is your choice?