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Thy Kingdom Come: Faithful ‘til the End
Welcome to Grace Chapel! The last four verses of Daniel 9 are considered some of the hardest verses — but most important — in the whole Old Testament. The way Daniel was given a promise of a future restoration shows us that God cares and has a plan for His final power and glory to prevail over the evil in this world.
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DO Try this at home…but be careful.
BELIEVE IT… God kept His promises in the PAST and He will in the FUTURE. (vv. 24-25)
6 things that The Anointed One will do:
· “finish the transgression”
· “put an end to sin”
· “atone for iniquity”
· “bring in everlasting righteousness”
· “seal both vision and prophet”
· “anoint the most holy (One or place)”
RELY ON IT… Christ was FORSAKEN so we never have to be. (v. 26)
WAIT FOR IT… Christ made a new PROMISE that gives us an eternal HOPE. (v. 27)
Hebrew: Higbir
“Make a strong covenant”
With Christ, Hindsight and Foresight are 20/20.

This week I will…

· Write down ten promises of God and carry them with me this week, choosing to trust that God always keeps His promises.
· Draw close to God through prayer 2-3 times a day, knowing that I am accepted because Christ was forsaken for me.
· Read Daniel 9 through 12 this week.
· Do three acts of kindness for others to cultivate a heart of selflessness and build my joy in serving as a part of God’s Kingdom.

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