Genoa Students
More Than A Hashtag
Living for Jesus is more than a Hashtag movement; it's a lifestyle.
Locations & Times
  • 7562 Lewis Center Rd, Westerville, OH 43082, USA
    Wednesday 4:00 PM
Mfuge Summer Camp
What is Mercy?
Mercy is not getting what we deserve.
1) Jesus Showed Us What Mercy Is
2) We Show Mercy Because We Were Shown Mercy

Don't forget what God has forgiven you for.
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Small Group Questions
1. Why do you think it's so easy for people to e mean to each other?

2. Talk about a time you received mercy instead of punishment How did that impact you?

3. Have you ever refused to show someone mercy? What happened?

4. Has anyone hurt or offended you recently? Tell us about it.

5. How might you be able to show that person mercy, instead of judgement or revenge?

6. This week, what's one way you plan to show someone else mercy?