Grace Family Fellowship
Growing? Working?
In this message, pastor David reveals why God desires us to be filled with His Holy Spirit! Not to feel good or be religious, but to always be GROWING and WORKING for His Kingdom!
Locations & Times
  • Grace Family Fellowship Pentecostal Holiness Church
    24093 NC-903, Robersonville, NC 27871, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM

Sermon Title: Growing? Working?

I. Chosen and Saved!

A. God Chose you, just the way you were!
B. Transformed -

Romans 12:2
--> INTERACT HERE: What new aspect does Pastor David bring out about this very popular scripture, besides the point that God does not want us to conform to the world, but be transformed?
II. Freed & Delivered

A. From our Baggage!

What must we all realize?
B. Made Ready By God!

Were the disciples that Jesus called ready right away?
What proves this?
- We can't respond in the KINGDOM the same way we would have responded in the WORLD.

- Christians need to do Kingdom work and stop expecting the Pastor to do all the studying, Praying, visiting, inviting, comforting, etc... ministry!
III. Restored! Fulfilled!

A. Restored! God desires to renew and restore all that was stolen from us by the enemy !
- Favor with God
- Confidence
- Anointing
- Power!

B. Fulfilled! God desires to Fulfill us!
Fulfilled: Jesus knows, that ultimately, we can only be fulfilled when we are "With the Father." We can live "with the Father" now, by dyeing to ourselves, seeking God's Good, pleasing and perfect will; Allowing God to restore a right Spirit (Holy Spirit) within us. By doing the work Jesus paid the High price on the cross for us to be able to do: Set Free and Restored!
And when we are doing His Kingdom work...the things Jesus did and even greater!... We truly will be "FULFILLED". Because we will be "with the Father", when we are doing these things that we could ONLY DO in Christ, using God the Father's power and the Name of JESUS!
"Ask anything in My name, and the Father will do it"!

Do you see it?
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