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Thy Kingdom Come: Praying to Gain God’s Response
Welcome to Grace Chapel! Prayer is already difficult enough to understand; it is even more complex when it feels like God is not responding. What we desire is for an answer and a clear sign of His presence or power to be seen in our life now. In this message, we see the correct posture for confessing our sin to God and finding His forgiveness.
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
The prayers that get God’s attention come from the person who values God’s LORDSHIP in their life.
He prayed to the LORD…and made a confession. (v. 4)
The best prayers have the HIGHEST view of God.
The best prayers also have the MOSTHONEST view of ourselves.
You can choose your sin, but you cannot choose your consequence.
God’s discipline for our sin is short-term PAIN for long-term GAIN.
When we CONFESS our sin:

1. The ANGER of the Lord is seen correctly.
2. Our SHAME is only temporary.
3. The Lord comforts us with His LOVE and mercy.

Confessing where you went wrong is the first step to overcome your shame and accepting God’s mercy.
Confession is verbalized humility, speaking to God what is true about us, which includes our sin.
This week I will…

• Spend time in prayer confessing my sin to God and use Daniel 9:4-19 as a guide.
• Choose to believe that I am greatly loved by Jesus Christ.
• Explain to another person what Daniel 9:1-23 means to me.
• Read and study Daniel 9:24-27 in preparation for next week’s message.

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