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Beginning with the King exiling his bride...
Esther made the new queen...

We are sometimes placed in situations, circumstances, and positions that do not make sense.

When we can't see it, understand it, or know what is going on...God DOES!
The decree to kill all Jews...
For such a time as this...

We are set up time and time again BY GOD for such a time as this.

We need to open our eyes, open our hearts, open our minds and begin to look at our lives from a different perspective.

Question #1 – What part of Esther’s story made an impact on you today?

Question #2 – Is there a situation or position in your life that does not make sense?

Question #3 – What are the relationships and roles in your life that you can surrender to God, and in faith say, "maybe this exists for such a time as this"?