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We believe that the Bible is God's Word that helps us face all the opportunities and challenges that come our way.
"Walk By The Spirit"
Galatians 5

For many years it seems that conservative churches have ignored or minimized the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. More and more young people, however, are looking for a church that is “Spirit filled” or “Spirit led”. When asked what that means we hear a variety of different answers; Being spontaneous, enthusiastic, energetic, having visions and dreams, utterances … But what does it mean to be “Spirit filled” or “Spirit led”? We begin our summer series on “The Fruit of the Spirit” by looking more closely about what it means to “Walk by the Spirit.” Let's begin to unpack what that call on our life means today.
• Judaizers= Gospel + obeying the Law

• Legalism= Gospel + works
“Legalism is a misguided attempt to prove that I’m superior to others.” John Ortberg

“Where Christians are not becoming holy they will get more weird.” John Ortberg
How do I walk by the Spirit?
Walk with Power
Walk as you Bear Fruit
How do I walk by the Spirit?
Walk with Power
Walk as you Bear Fruit
Walk along the Path
When Jesus said He would build the church He was talking about building us to be the church, a people, not a building. A community of believers who walk by the Spirit with power, bearing fruit, and following wherever He leads us.

Does that describe you?
Are you walking by the Spirit with power, bearing fruit and following His path?
What is God calling you to do?
Is He calling you to believe in Him, trust Him, surrender to Him, to repent?

Turn from whatever you have been doing and turn to or back to Him who is calling you to walk by the Spirit.