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Joy To The World - O Come O Come Emmanuel
(Re)discovering the truths of Christmas in the songs of Christmas.
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Where is it written?
Read Isaiah 11:1-10. What ideas and images stand out to you?
How is the promised new leader in this prophecy different than typical human leaders?
What effect does this have on the poor?
How is animal behavior changed under this new leader?
What leader does this prophecy point to?
What parts of this prophecy have not yet been fulfilled?
When should we be expecting them to be fulfilled?

God Fulfills His Promises:
Read 2 Samuel 7:11-15.
What promise does God make to King David?
Read Matthew 1:1-17.
How is that promise fulfilled in Jesus?

The New Heaven/ New Earth:
Read Genesis 9:2-3.
What change in the human diet happened after the flood?
Read Isaiah 11:6-9.
How is this prophecy a return to pre-flood conditions?
What might this mean for food in heaven?

How goes your walk?
How have you seen God bring something new and better out of places of devastation?
As you think of Jesus’ return to usher in the new heaven and new earth - what emotions does that evoke? Why?
What is something new that God is developing in you?
How might that new “shoot” be connected to God’s larger plan of redeeming the world?

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