Genoa Students
More Than a Hashtag
Christianity involves doing more than just posting a hashtag. We are called to actually do something with faith.
Locations & Times
  • 7562 Lewis Center Rd, Westerville, OH 43082, USA
    Wednesday 10:30 AM
Mfuge Camp
July 8-12. $340 per person.

Cedar Point
$45 per person.
1) Justice Is More Than A Hashtag
2) If You Want To Do Justice, Do Something
Small Group Questions
1. What's one way you've seen social media used to fight for justice?

2. What's one way you've seen social media contribute to injustice?

3. What are some of the world's greatest injustices right now?

4. What might God be calling His people to do about those injustices?

5. Read John 6:1-13. What are your "loaves and fishes" that you can offer Jesus?

6. Why do you think many movements, revolutions, and revivals begin with young people?

7. What's one way you're going to "do something" this week?
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