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LIFE B.C. :: I Determine What's Right
How do you know what's right or wrong? Before Jesus was born, the answer to this question was not that clear. During the next four (4) weekends, we will be looking at life before Christ in the Old Testament. If Jesus hadn't entered our world, our spiritual life, the way we worship, the grace of God, and our relationship, would look drastically different! This is a great message series for the person who wants to prepare their hearts for Christmas! You will be encouraged, lifted up, and reminded of God's personal love for you. Our hope and prayer is...You will come to know Jesus Christ at a deeper experiential level. These will be relevant messages that you could apply on Monday!
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We’re starting this new series today...LIFE BC. We’re going to look at WHAT IF Jesus had never been born?
How do you determine what’s right?
Written between: 1040 BC and 1020 BC
Stories of corruption of judges
Humanity sinks to an all-time low...
This was LIFE BC...
Whatever seemed right in your own eyes...became the NEW LAW
God wanted Israel to go into Canaan and conquer these pagan nations.
“It becomes crystal clear that the true enemy facing Israel has little to do with the armies of Israel's godless neighbors. Israel's true enemy is Israel.”
- Dr. Kim Riddlebarger
Your greatest battle in life will not be any problem you face.
What does LIFE BC look like?
1. When it’s based on your eyes alone...eventually, nothing is sacred.
Just because you call something right, doesn’t make it right.
“The world needs Christians who don't tolerate the complacency of their own lives.”
- Francis Chan
2. When it’s based on your eyes alone...eventually, there is confusion.
In the midst of this difficult see our God of grace.You see how good God is.
God will work with what He’s got.
“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.”
- C.S. Lewis


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