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Unashamed Part 4:
In Part 4 of our Unashamed series we discuss a couple of the main reasons that the biblical writers had for their faith.
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    Sunday 8:00 PM
John 20:21 that says “Peace be with you. Even as the Father has sent me, even so I AM SENDING YOU”

This is the underlying premise of this series...that God has called us to a life of action and courage...not one where we live in fear ashamed of what we believe.
Theory and practice are two very different things...and the disciples EXPERIENCED the practicality of following Jesus
It's hard for our hearts to accept what the mind rejects
When REAL LIFE hits hard it can be really difficult to trust God and obey Him can't it?
We all got a little Thomas in us at times!
Offer to read through John with a friend. No need to try to convince them of anything but just read through it, explain it so they can understand it and allow God to speak to their hearts. We just don't know what GOD IS DOING IN THEIR HEARTS...seems like He's always up to something! :-)