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Who are you at the party - the tax collectors or the Pharisees?
Jesus around the table in Luke:
- Luke 5: Jesus eats with tax collectors and sinners at the home of Levi
- Luke 7: Jesus is anointed at the home of Simon the Pharisee during a meal
- Luke 9: Jesus feeds the five thousand
- Luke 10: Jesus eats in the home of Martha and Mary
- Luke 11: Jesus condemns the Pharisees and teachers of the law at a meal
- Luke14: Jesus is at a meal when he urges people to invite the poor to their meals rather than their friends
- Luke 19: Jesus invites himself to dinner with Zacchaeus
- Luke 22: the account of the Last Supper
- Luke 24: the risen Christ has a meal with the two disciples in Emmaus and later eats fish with the disciples in Jerusalem